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Don't feel like purchasing premium gear that you may NEVER USE AGAIN?


Don't want the stress of hauling all your own gear across two continents and through multiple transfers only to HOPE IT WILL ACTUALLY ARRIVE?

Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on flies and lures, finding out that you don't have enough of the ones that DO work and too many of the ones that DON'T WORK?

We've got you covered!

Introducing our new ALL-INCLUSIVE Package. 


For $450, we will provide you with the absolute right rod, reel, line, flies, and lures specifically chosen for your location and dates.  Easy.  Need a fly rod and a spinning rod?  No problem.  Need a heavy chopper set up along with a medium-action baitcasting outfit for topwater? No problem.  Want a 9-weight fly rod with an intermediate line for peacocks and an 8-weight set up with a floating line and a large terrestrial to chase our elusive arowana? 


No problem. One price: We've got you covered.




Winston is our primary rod, but we also have a few SAGE, T&T, and Buelah rods available for Guests. Galvan Torque reels are lined with Scientific Anglers' Mastery Titan Jungle and Sonar Grand Slam lines.  We will provide you will all the leader, tippet material, and flies that you will require.

Our quality flies are from Enrico Puglisi, Umpqua, and Rainy's patterns.


St. Croix Mojo Bass casting and spinning rods are our go-to here.  Choose among Diawa, Penn, and Bass Pro reels. All are lined with Cortland Master Braid in 50 and 65-pound tests.

Our quality lures are from KLures, Heddon, Yo-Zuri, Rebel, and Bomber.  All lures have been upgraded with heavy-duty hooks. 

You don't have to do too much research to quickly see this pricing is extremely affordable. In fact, if you paid this price just to have the right flies and lures you would be way ahead!  

Have your own gear and just need the flies and lures? No problem. Gear only is $300 for your week.

Want to tie your own flies but need the gear?  No problem. Flies and Lures are only $300 for your week.  That's a deal!

Ready to add this to your package?  Click below and you'll be fully prepared for your next adventure in the jungle!

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