Additional Day - Manaus City Tour


We HIGHLY recommend arriving one day early and spending a relaxed day learning about this fascinating city.  Why?  Not only do you have an extra day to get acclimated to the weather (and to get some extra rest), but you will have the opportunity to experience some of the most unique sights on the planet. 


Take a speed-boat out to the famous "meeting of the waters" where the 5th largest river in the world (the Rio Negro) pours into the the largest river in the world (the Amazon River).  Enjoy a fun afternoon at the beautiful Lake Janauari Ecological Park, then off to the Flutuante do Pirarucu to try your hand at feeding and "catching" the world's largest scaled freshwater fish, the arapaima.  Time to get back to the city for a fascinating walk through one of the world's most amazing fish markets. 


Airport transportation, additional hotel night, breakfast, lunch, all tour transportation, guides, a Nomadic Waters translator and host are included in the price of $225 per person.  Note, if you would like to arrive one day early and NOT participate in the tour, then your price will be $150 per person. Please let us know well ahead of your trip if you plan to participate in our tours!

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fish market.jpg