A Note from Michael, May 25, 2020

I've been thinking a lot lately about two words: Purpose and Priority.  


Our tag-line is Expeditions with PURPOSE, but what does that actually mean?  Well, it means that beyond serving anglers, every decision we make and every action we take must benefit the local communities of the Amazon.  We donate 10% of our annual profits to fund local infrastructure projects that are desperately needed, and we hire locals from the villages to be our guides and support crew which provides great income, lodging, and food during our Season.  For many, our Season is their only annual income. 

This is why Nomadic Waters exists.  


Equal in importance is our PRIORITY.  This means you. Our Guests are our top Priority. Every decision we make must benefit your interests, first and foremost. We cannot survive without our Guests.

This is how Nomadic Waters exists.


The big question is "Will we have a 2020 Season in Brazil?"

We are monitoring the global COVID-19 pandemic daily, even hourly. We are constantly being updated by trustworthy contacts inside Brazil's healthcare, travel, and hospitality industries. We are working with good information. As we stated last month, this situation will certainly get worse before it gets better.  Brazil's Covid pandemic is running about 40 days later than the US and Canada, and their curve is expected to flatten sometime in late May.


Even when international travel opens up again, and IF the US State Department allows its citizens to travel to Brazil in time for our Season to start...WE MUST feel confident that Nomadic Waters can host our Guests and Staff in a safe environment.


So will we have a Season this year?  In my opinion, it is still too soon to decide.  It's only April.  We need to have patience and watch closely how this pandemic plays out. You have my word that I will keep you informed and in the loop.


I know your first concern is your payments/deposits for 2020.  Please know that we are not going anywhere.  If we must shorten or even cancel the 2020 Season, your payments are still good.  We will apply your payments towards new dates. We will work with you. 


We are working through every best-case/worst-case scenario we can think of, ensuring that we have a proper response that aligns with our Purpose as well as our Priority.


Thank you for your patience, and please know that we are in this together. 


Thank you for exploring with us, 

Michael Williams

Dir. of Operations US, Dir. of Fishing Brazil 


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