A Note from Michael, June 15th, 2020

 The big question is "Will we have a 2020 Season?" 

Today we are announcing that we must cancel our 2020 Season.  There are many reasons why, but the bottom line is that there is just too much out of our control in the current Pandemic situation in Brazil.  This is a heart-breaking decision, but without a doubt it is the right thing to do.

 I know your first concern is your payments/deposits for 2020.  

Please know that we are not going anywhere, and that your 2020 deposits are safe.  We will apply 100% of your payments towards new 2021 dates.  With this decision, we hope you see that our priority is to our Guests, our Crew, and our Vendors in Brazil.  Offering you 100% credit actually means 100% loss for us in 2021. 

As stated on your invoices, receipts, and our Terms and Conditions, we have never been able to offer refunds of any kind.  Why?  We prepay for our entire Season many months before our first Guests arrive.  

ACTION: Work with your trip Host or reach out to me directly, and we will assist you with setting up your new dates in 2021. Click the button below to see our 2021 Schedule.


 "What do we do about our flights?" 

If you were wise enough to purchase your air tickets through Alisa and Amanda, our travel experts, then know that you are in the best hands possible.  The short answer is DO NOT CANCEL or attempt to REBOOK  your tickets!  Have patience.  The airlines are still working things out, and it will be significantly better for YOU to wait until the airlines take action.  Then they are better motivated to assist you.  

Alisa has a better assessment:

"Currently American Airlines is allowing waivers for change fees and extended validity dates for flights to Brazil through September 30.   It’s just too early for them to announce those waivers for flights beyond that date.  We really do anticipate them cancelling flights further out but of course can’t guarantee that.

It’s best for flights to be noted as an involuntary change.  This means the airline does the cancelling.  If you cancel your ticket before the airline cancels -  it changes to a voluntary change-   That means waivers are different (expensive)!   Please be patient and know that we are watching your flights and will let you know once they either cancel your flights or change the date for the waivers mentioned above.

Important note-  American Airlines only produce schedules about 300-330 days in advance of departure.  For example-  for September 2021 flights-  we can’t rebook you until about November / December of 2020.   So even when we cancel your ticket -  we cannot immediately rebook because a flight schedule won’t be available yet."

ACTION: Have patience, and wait this one out until we have better information from the airlines.  

 "Will this announcement qualify for a refund from my trip cancellation insurance policy?"  

If you were wise enough to purchase trip cancellation insurance, then you must look at your policy's fine print.  It has been our experience that pandemics are only covered by "cancel for any reason" type policies.  If you would like to file a claim, we will certainly assist you by providing any documentation they require.  Please let us know if we can help.  This is why we beg our Guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

 "What if I purchased fly selections through your Registration form?" 

All pre-purchased fly selections will be in the mail next week, you will receive them shortly.

 "This must be devastating news for your Crew, is there anything we can do to help them?" 

This is indeed very difficult for our Crew, as Nomadic Waters provides the sole annual income for many of our Crew members.  Many of you are connected with our Guides and Staff on social media, and a quick word of encouragement from you would go a long way right now.  We are currently working on a strategy to get some emergency funds to our Guides and help them make it through the Season.  Please stay tuned, as we will have an opportunity for you contribute if you feel so led.  They are our family, and we will do the best we can to help them.

Please do not hesitate to email or call if you have additional questions. We are working hard to make the best out of a difficult situation.  Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding.  


Thank you for exploring with us, 

Michael Williams

Dir. of Operations US, Dir. of Fishing Brazil 


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