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Considering a trip to the jungle, but have a few questions?  Perfect!  We have answers!
This is just a quick glance at what we have to offer.  Please click on the photos for more information.

Some facts that you may not know about Nomadic Waters:

  • Every trip is personally hosted by the Owners.  We are with you every step of the way.

  • Our Fishing Manager fishes with guests every day, shortening the learning curve of this unique fishery.

  • Single-occupancy accommodations are standard.

  • 100% of our 2018 Trip Hosts re-booked for 2019, and 40% of their Guests returned with them.

  • Most of our Crew and Guide Staff have been with us since day 1 and are our family.

  • 10% of our annual profits are donated to infrastructure projects that directly benefit the local jungle communities of the Uatuma river system.

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Honestly, when you look closely at how much value is packed into this trip - no one in the Amazon can match our pricing.  With the exception of gratuities, one price covers everything once you arrive in Manaus, Amazonas.  Additional packages are available, please read through our pricing brochure and web page for more details. The #1 comment we receive from Guests is that we are under-priced.  Catch us THIS YEAR because our prices are increasing in 2021!

Our live-aboard mother ship boasts 9 Single Occupancy and 2 deluxe Double Occupancy cabins, each with its own private bath and air conditioning unit.  That's right, we offer single-occupancy as standard for our Guests!  Other features include hot water showers, a fully enclosed dining room, jacuzzi and open-air top deck.  Our strategy is to move almost every night, allowing our guests to maximize their experience by seeing new water every day.  Our schedule is our own, so if Guests request to stay in an area for an additional day, we are happy to comply. 

2019 yacht.jpg
2019 yacht interior.jpg

Most of our CREW has been with us since day 1, and are like family to us.  Once you board our mother ship, you will also be considered family.  We do things differently: our guides and staff often dine with our guests and all tips are split evenly among the crew.  This creates an environment that builds close connections with our guests, and rewards the strategy of working together.  100% of our Crew are Brazilian, and consider themselves ambassadors of their local communities and great country.

Our FOOD is authentic, delicious Brazilian cuisine.  It isn't fancy, but it is absolutely delicious.  Each meal is carefully crafted and made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  The only complaint we received from guests last Season was that our plates were too small!  Variety is the focus.  There will always be a table full of options that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  We can certainly accommodate special dietary requests as long we receive notice well in advance of your trip.  


The typical Amazon fishing boat is a narrow aluminum jon boat.  Those boats are hot, tippy, uncomfortable, and almost impossible to fly fish from.

Our BassTrackers are some of the finest fishing boats in the Amazon.  They offer an extremely stable casting platform, comfortable seating, and are equipped with 60hp Yamahas and brand new trolling motors.  

Nomadic Waters peacock bass

We run our operation in two unique locations: The Uatumã Reserve and the Rio Negro.  Both locations are considered trophy water for 5 types of peacock bass, our primary target species.  Other species live here, and will certainly take a properly placed fly or lure.  These include wolf-fish, arowana, payara, red bellied piranha, black piranha, oscar, jacunda, and more.  If you are in the mood for something different, some of the world's largest catfish also swim in our waters. 

How many fish will you catch? See below for our weekly catch rates.

Our 2018 and 2019 Seasons averaged 800 fish landed per week.  We had seven weeks with well over 900 fish landed, and one record-breaking week with over 1600 landed!  

Make no mistake, THIS IS A SKILL/PRESENTATION BASED FISHERY!  Everyone expects to catch a 20 pound peacock bass, but less than 5% of our Guests arrive with the skills to make that happen.  PRACTICE YOUR CASTING, or spend the week learning.

Expect to see (and hear) macaws every day.  Our Uatuma location has a both scarlet and blue/yellow macaw families, and you will see a few each day.  In the Negro you will literally see 75 a day migrating between their roosts.  Green parrots are everywhere, as are caiman, spider monkeys and howler monkeys.  We had an ant-eater crawl up on our support ship last season.  We named her Jasmine and she stayed with us for a couple of days.  IF you stop fishing and look closely you can see toucans almost every day, but they are silent and can hide extremely well.  

See exactly what our previous guests and hosts are saying about their adventure with us in the Amazon!

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