NOMADIC WATERS' 2019 Season includes two unique world-class fisheries: the Uatuma Reserve and the Rio Negro.  Although there is some cross-over in species, each region has it's own fishery that demands it's own specific strategies. 


The mighty peacock bass is the fish that brings anglers from all over the world to test their mettle, and this is our primary target-species.  Our home waters hold multiple species and subspecies, including the acu, paca, and butterfly peacock bass.


There are plenty of other by-catch species that will readily take a well placed fly or lure.  Oscar, black piranha, arowana, wolf fish, payara, jacunda, just to name a few.  If guests would like to try something different, both of our locations hold world class catfish species like the piraiba, red-tail, and the surubime.  

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