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The NOMADIC WATERS experience takes place in three unique, world-class fisheries: the beautiful Rio Matupuri, the secluded Rio Abacaxi, and the world-famous Rio Negro.  Although there is some cross-over in species, each region has its own fishery that demands its own specific strategies. 

The mighty peacock bass is the fish that brings anglers from all over the world to test their mettle, and this is our primary target species.  This fish is unlike anything you've ever chased before.  It will test even the most experienced of anglers, but the pay-off is life-changing.  The experience of seeing one of these remarkable fish take your fly or lure, feeling the extraordinary power of its first run, and the team effort involved in bringing it to hand is an adventure you have to see to believe. 

Our home waters hold multiple species and subspecies of peacock bass including the acu, paca, pinima, popoca, and butterfly.  There are plenty of other by-catch species that will readily take a well-placed fly or lure.  Oscar, black piranha, red-bellied piranha, arowana, wolf fish, payara, jacunda, just to name a few.  If guests would like to try something completely different, most of our locations hold world-class catfish species like the piraiba, red-tail, and the beautiful surubime.  


Guests who are interested in learning new skills and strategies, and understanding the subtleties of the jungle are the ones who get the most out of our trips. We've hosted brand new, beginning anglers all the way up to the most experienced professional anglers in the world.  All are welcome.


We love teaching, it is in our DNA.  This is why we hold optional clinics in the evenings and why our Fishing Manager fishes with Guests every single day of the Season. You will return home with a new toolbox of skills that are transferable (and deadly) in your home waters. 

Brazilian Amazon River Region PEACOCK BASS FISHERY

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