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Uatumã Reserve

 Some favorite memories from one week in the Uatumã. 

Our beloved Uatumã location offers very unique opportunities for our guests to enjoy seclusion, comfort, and adventure.  

What makes this location unique:

  • Federally protected Reserve with extremely limited Outfitter access.  Guests will feel like they have the entire jungle to themselves.

  • Size: In 6 days of fishing, we will cover 20 miles of river with countless lakes and lagoons to explore.

  • Great location for landing high numbers of fish, with multiple shots at double digit fish each day.

  • Short distance between mothership and the fishing, this means more fishing time for the Guest.

  • Lunch and siesta aboard our air-conditioned mother-ship

  • Interaction with local communities

  • Always the first weeks to sell-out with our return Guests

 Some favorite memories from one week in the Uatuma 

The Uatumã Reserve

 Jatapu river inside the Uatumã Reserve 

Gunnar Brammer's week with us in the Uatuma.

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