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We have just received confirmation that Brazilian tourist visas will be required for US citizens starting Jan 10, 2022.

This will be an online application provided by a third party. These eVisas are significantly easier to process compared to the old visa system.  


We will keep you informed! 



"The government of Brazil has delayed the reinstatement of the visa requirement for nationals of Australia, Canada and the United States until January 10, 2024, after it was set to be implemented on October 1, 2023. As a reminder, starting on this date, Brazil will revoke visa exemptions for nationals of Australia, Canada and the United States, requiring such nationals to obtain an e-visa when traveling to Brazil for tourism, business, sports activities, or artistic performances or when transiting through Brazilian airports. Until then, the visa exemption will remain valid, meaning that those entering on or before January 9, 2024, are exempt from a Visitor Visa, even if they intend to depart Brazil after January 10, 2024."

Based on our communications with the Brazilian consulate here in Atlanta, the new Trourist E Visa (VIVIS) will be required for any US citizen visiting Brazil starting Jan 10, 2024.  This will be a mandatory document for all travelers who will visit Brazil. They will announce this new program 30 days before the VIVIS is implemented, so expect this announcement in early December 2023. 


This means that if you are fishing with us during our Jan or Feb 2024 Season, you need to have your EVisa application in as soon as this announcement goes live.

We will keep you informed.  Here are some answers to your anticipated questions:

Q: I see that we can get a Visa now from the Brazilian government, can't I just go ahead and get this?

A: Although you can purchase the current Brazilian visa (they will happily take your money), it is not the valid Tourist Visa that will be required in 2024. The new VIVIS is a completely different document.  The new one will be handled exclusively by a third-party website, which tells us that it is unique and different from the one currently available. 

Q: How long will the application process take?

A: There is no official statement yet, but if they are giving themselves a 30-day notice for the program to be implemented, it is a good sign that they can turn these around in a couple of weeks.  Just our observation. Don't put it off though.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: We will let you know as soon as we know.

Q: What can I do now to prepare for this application?

A: We do know that you will need to download a new passport-quality photo for the application.  Go ahead and get this picture taken (free to AAA members, or Walgreens can take these for you as well), and learn how to scan them to your computer.

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