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After starting his guiding career in Colorado in the mid 90's, Michael soon started guiding his clients all over the world. His top destinations included the Russian Far East, Alaska, and Baja Mexico. Although he was a long-time marketer and representative for companies like Patagonia and Orvis, Michael has always been drawn to exploration.  He started his journey fishing in the Amazon in 2009 and it has been in his heart and soul ever since. Michael is a Pro Staff member for RL Winston, Patagonia Fly Fishing, and Scientific Anglers.


As Director of Operations; U.S. for Nomadic Waters,  Michael is often the first contact for our guests.  He handles all fishing, marketing, web design, media, corporate communication, travel itinerary, travel Visas, and medical evacuation insurance questions.

Considering hosting a trip with us? Michael is the go-to contact for potential group hosts and is our travel logistics supervisor. He is easy to reach via email ( or if you prefer, call him direct at 770.315.4873.    

As our Fishing Operations Manager, Michael is responsible for everything fishing on your trip.  Unlike any other operation that we are aware of, Michael fishes with our guests every day, rotating through to make sure everyone is up on the day's strategies and happy with their experience.  He is an open book for our guests, always willing to help with anything from knot tying to casting lessons.  As a mentor to our guides, a liaison with our guests, and the manager of our jungle fishery; Michael is truly working where his heart is.  

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