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The adventure is too big
to end when you go home. 

Your investment sustains true change.


Empower communities with
basic resources you take for granted.

Heal bodies.

Quench thirst.

Providing clean waters solutions

where access is a seasonal crisis.

Treating basic medical needs so

they don't become life threatening.

End pain.

Fixing teeth so mouth pain

doesn't become all-consuming.

Happy to discover
big fish.

Elated to deliver
vital resources.

GOAL: 25 bucket filters to deliver!

GOAL: 7 clinic weeks!

GOAL: 52 fulfilled anglers!


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Clean Water.


Medical & Dental.

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How It Works

Feel the Love.

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Access to basic resources builds foundations for individuals to thrive and communities to prosper.

As anglers enjoy their sport all over the world, they see that communities in prime fisheries are often lacking clean drinking water and access to basic healthcare. Keep fulfilling your goals of great fishing .... and match that passion with doing great work wherever you go.

Copyright 2022 Parallel Resource Corporation, Inc. 
Appreciation is expressed towards Nomadic Waters, LLC for making this webpage possible.

Parallel Resource Corporation, Inc. exists to provide humanitarian
and development aid to under-resourced communities nearby to fisheries throughout the world.


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