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Three locations

Three Unique Experiences


Matupiri River (new!)
Mothership Experience
August & September

Private Fishery known for fast action and high catch rates.  Although there are peacocks up to 80cm here, most fish caught are medium in size range.

Mothership-based, offering short rides to the best fishing, and a flexible fishing schedule.  Fish as much or as little as you like! 

Group Size: 8 Guests, double occupancy.

Accommodations: the luxurious Amazon Legend mothership.  

What makes this location special?

The perfect trip for small groups, couples, families, clients, etc. This private, closed fishery offers fast action with high numbers, but guests can return to the mothership to rest and relax anytime.  Hard-core anglers will love this place as they will have a full day of action.  Casual anglers will love this place as they have full control of their schedule and fish as little or as much as they like!  


Rio da Lua (new!)
Floating Cabin Experience
September, October

Private Fishery that has been untouched by any angling pressure for years! Known for its population of the rare pinima peacock bass, a highly aggressive cichlid prized by species hunters.  Speaking of species, this location holds many.  Arowana, borboletta (butterfly) and popoca peacock bass, matrinxa, piranha, and more.

Group Size: 8 Guests, double occupancy.

Accommodations: Deluxe floating cabins with A/C, private bath and shower. Very comfortable.  

What makes this location special?

The combination of an untouched fishery and its population of extremely aggressive peacock bass makes this one of the most unique fisheries in the Amazon. 2023 is the time to fish this, as no one has been in here in years! Species hunters will love this water as it holds a rich and diverse variety of bi-catch. This is our only location where guests can consistently sight fish to schools of large, cruising arowana with a dry fly!


Rio Negro
Mothership Experience
November, Jan
uary, and February

The classic jungle fishing experience! There's a reason why the mighty Rio Negro is the Amazon's #1 destination for big peacock bass.  

Exceptional fishing, luxury single occupancy accommodations, US-made BassTrackers, and incredible wildlife all make for an extraordinary jungle experience.

Group Size: 10 - 12 Guests. 8 single-occupancy and 2 double-occupancy cabins. 

Accommodations: The stunning Umuarama yacht is 130 feet long and was built with classic Brazilian luxury in mind. With beautiful Brazilian hardwood inlays throughout the ship, this 3 level yacht offers extreme comfort and class with plenty of room to roam.

What makes this location special?

The fifth-largest river by volume in the world, the Rio Negro is bigger than our minds can even comprehend.  Imagine countless braids, rivers, streams, lagoons, and lakes all connected to each other side by side.  Now imagine that area being 13 miles WIDE!  That's the Rio Negro.  With plenty of room to explore, this watershed holds many secrets, including the coveted giant Timensis peacock bass.

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