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January 1- 27, 2025

  • Spaces available 

January 25 - Feb 3, 2025 

  • Closed. Cabela's Signature Hosted week

February 1 - 10, 2025 

  • Closed. Cabela Family Foundation week

February 8 - 17, 2025

  • Spaces available

The mighty Rio Negro is world-famous for its giant peacock bass.  Guests on this trip enjoy an incredible fishery that will test the strongest of equipment.  Guests enjoy full days on the water and jaw-dropping scenery and abundant wildlife. 


Accommodations: The stunning Umuarama yacht is 130 feet long and was built with classic Brazilian luxury in mind. With beautiful Brazilian hardwood inlays throughout the ship, this 3 level yacht offers extreme comfort and class with plenty of room to roam.

What makes this location unique:

  • Size: In 6 days of fishing, we will cover an area that is 10 miles long and 7 miles wide (70 square miles).  Guests will never see the same water twice.

  • Variety:  This part of the Rio Negro comprises rivers/streams/lakes/ponds/lagoons/sandbars/submerged jungle combined.  The variety that our guests experience here is mind-boggling.

  • Expected catch rates: We aim for 1,100 fish landed per week with 10 guests, with 10% of those fish being double-digit in pounds. 

  • Lunches aboard our mothership and afternoon siestas in your own air-conditioned cabins. Note: other outfitters here do "all dayers" to conserve fuel, meaning that lunches are served in the jungle without an opportunity to rest.

  • Guests will experience opportunities to cast to multiple double-digit peacock bass every day.  

  • Live aboard our beautiful mothership adorned with stunning Brazilian hardwoods throughout the interior.  Originally designed to hold 23 Guests, we've customized the staterooms to be single-occupancy!  That's right, enjoy your own private cabin with a private hot water bath for the same price that others are charging for double occupancy with a shared bathroom.

BEST SCHEDULE -  Arriving one day early option

Friday: International travel day
Saturday: Arrive in MAO early morning, rest in Manaus, optional afternoon excursion
Sunday: Morning flight to Barcelos
Monday: Fish
Tuesday: Fish
Wednesday: Fish
Thursday: Fish
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Fish
Sunday: Afternoon flight back to Manaus, rest, and have dinner in town
Monday: International travel day home

Your international travel day is Friday, arriving in Manaus early morning on Saturday.  Rest at the hotel and enjoy one of our optional day excursions in Manaus. You will be in the interior from Sunday to Sunday, departing Manaus early morning on Monday.

For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to announce that we've been presented with TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award, placing Nomadic Waters in their top 10% highest-rated companies.  See what our Guests have to say about our experience.

Peacock Bass fishing Brazil by Arian Stevens
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