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Introducing our new
All-Inclusive Packages

Once you start looking at purchasing specialty gear, flies, or lures for this adventure, you will see that you could easily drop at ton of money for something that you may not use again.  The drawback to fly and lure selections is that you usually end up with two only or three that work, and then you're stuck at the end of the trip not having what you need but over-loaded with what you don't need.  Then there's the travel challenges.  What if the gear doesn't land with you on your international flight?  What if your luggage is overweight for the domestic charter flight and you have to leave something behind?


This year, we have decided to take the guesswork, investment, and potential stress completely out of the equation. For one reasonable price, we will provide all the gear and terminal tackle you need for your adventure. With all premium equipment flies, and lures, you will be fishing with exactly the same systems that Michael has fished with for years.  


All-inclusive package: rod and reel outfits, lines, terminal tackle, flies, lures, etc. All premium equipment, our fly rod outfits are valued at $1,600 each and our conventional outfits are valued at over $700. We have different weights and actions available, just choose what fits your style the best. Price is $450

Gear Only package: Want to bring your own flies and lures and just need the rods?  We've got you covered with the Gear Only package. Price is $300

Fly and Lure package: Want to fish your gear but don't want to sink a ton of money into flies and lures? We've got you covered with our Fly and Lure package. Price is $300

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