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da lua


The dates listed below are your IN-COUNTRY DATES. You will be in the interior from Saturday to Saturday.

Your outbound travel day is Friday, arriving in Brazil early morning on Saturday.  You will be in the interior from Saturday to Saturday.

We highly recommend traveling a day early to take some stress off the trip.  We will cover your extra hotel night if you choose this option. 

Due to flight schedules, you will have an extra day in Manaus on Sunday.  We will provide your hotel and offer a fun day of excursions at no additional cost, this is our gift to you. Your inbound travel starts with an early departure on Monday morning.


September 22 - Oct 2, 2023 

  • Rio da Lua

  • Hosted by Michael, Kristi, and Jackson Williams

September 29 - Oct 9, 2023 

  • Rio da Lua

  • Hosted by Jamie Aponte


October 6 - 16, 2023 

  • Rio da Lua

  • Hosted by Jean Bruun of Wyoming Angling Co.

October 13 - 23, 2023 

  • Rio da Lua

  • Hosted by Randy Hancock

October 20 - 30, 2023 

  • Rio da Lua

  • Hosted by Terry & Wendy Gunn

BEST SCHEDULE -  Arriving one day early option

Thursday: International travel day
Friday: Arrive in MAO early morning, rest in Manaus, optional afternoon excursion and dinner in town
Saturday: Morning charter flight to the Rio da Lua
Sunday: Fish
Monday: Fish
Tuesday: Fish
Wednesday: Fish
Thursday: Fish
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Afternoon charter back to Manaus, rest, and have dinner in town
Sunday: Extra day in Manaus due to international flight schedules, optional excursions are available
Monday: International travel day home

When looking closely at our three locations, you will quickly see that our Rio da Lua fishery offers a completely unique experience.  Exotic and rare peacock bass, a high variety of species, sight fishing, and more. Believe it or not, that's not even the best part.  

This area of the Rio da Lua has not been touched by another angler or outfitter for years.  You read that right.  That's why we don't have all the slick beautiful photos of this fishery.  All we have are videos and photos from our advance "machete team" that cut their way in to explore the area.  This river is well known for its population of the rare pinima peacock bass.

What is a pinima or yellow peacock bass?  Well, imagine a predator aggressive enough to push out the temensis peacock bass, the species that dominates the rest of the Amazon fisheries.  When we say these fish are aggressive, watch very closely what is happening in following the video.  One strip into this perfect cast, a pinima hits the lure.  Two more strips and the fish hits it again. In this situation, a temenis (or acu/paca) would likely go back to cover where he started. A pinima doesn't give up that fast, they have to hunt that lure down and kill it. Watch this unbelievable footage as the pinima peacock bass follows the lure for well over 70 feet and eats the lure as it is hanging off the rod tip!

See why this place is special?  Well, there's a lot more here to catch than the pinima. This fishery has a healthy population of arowana that will readily take a surface lure or over-sized Chornobyl ant fly pattern.  Anglers can take a break from casting to multiple species of peacock bass and SIGHT FISH to arowana! This is literally our only fishery where a floating fly line is a viable option. This place is special.

What makes this location unique:

  • Private, exclusive fishery.  HAS NOT BEEN FISHED IN YEARS. This is the year to fish this one!

  • Variety:  This property offers the highest concentration of species of all of our fisheries: Butterfly, papoca, and pinima peacock bass, schools of cruising arowana, pacu, red belly and black piranha, and more.

  • Expected catch rates: We aim for 1,000 fish landed per week with 8 guests, with 10% of those fish being double-digit in pounds. 

  • Guests will experience opportunities to cast to multiple double-digit peacock bass every day and to multiple species each day.

  • Live aboard our beautiful floating cabins that are relocated each week to ensure our guests are closest to the most pristine lakes and lagoons dictated by water levels. Double occupancy with two beds and a private bath/shower.

  • Minimal human impact results in fantastic opportunities to view the best of the jungle's birdlife and wildlife.

For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to announce that we've been presented with TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award, placing Nomadic Waters in their top 10% highest-rated companies.  See what our Guests have to say about our experience.

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