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Above: The Rio Tatuagem is characterized by low, clear, and small water.  This offers a spectacular opportunity for our guests to sight fish to cruising Vazzoleri peacock bass with heavy gear and to Matrinchã with ultralight rods.

Dates are extremely limited for this property. The available weeks are:
November 1-10, 2024
Hosted by Patty Reilly

November 8-17, 2024

Hosted by Pat Dorsey of the Blue Quill Angler

November 15-24, 2024
Hosted by Jon Yousko

Interested in catching one of the rarest species of peacock bass in the Amazon, experiencing the largest catches of the Vazzoleri peacock bass we have ever seen? Want some variety and spend a day throwing an ultralight rod casting dry flies to big Matrinchã?  Then this is absolutely the place for you.

Perfect for families, father-son and/or mother-daughters, corporate groups, and fishing buddies who want to share this amazing jungle experience.

What makes this location unique:

  • ​Private fishery with extremely low fishing pressure (only fished a few weeks each year).

  • Chase an extremely rare species of peacock bass, the Vazzoleri, as well as the largest Matrinchã we have ever seen.

  • Experience clean, clear water which allows the opportunity to sight-fish to Vazzoleri (va-zo-ledee) peacock bass. Characterized by its bright yellow body, pitch-black spotted bars, and striking blue dorsal and tail fins, this species is simply stunning. This species of peacock bass is found in only a few watersheds in Brazil. 

  • The Vazzoleri are the predominant peacock bass species here, and THEY ARE BIG. These are by far the biggest we have ever experienced.

  • Wildlife: Low human impact in this area means better opportunities to see the exotic birds and mammals that live in these jungles. Countless Macaws, green parrots, and other birds are seen daily. 

  • Our private chef offers a delicious variety of Brazilian dishes along with classic international dishes. Meals are served in our floating dining cabin that has solar-powered air conditioning.

  • Live aboard one of our double occupancy floating cabins. These cabins are extremely comfortable and include individual air conditioning units, private baths with showers, and plenty of storage space for your gear and clothes.



The Nomadic Waters experience is famous for its fabulous Crew, comfortable lodging, incredible food, and genuine hospitality. Add this a brand new world-class fishery with opportunities to catch an extremely rare species of peacock bass, and you have one amazing adventure for you and your friends/family on the Rio Tatuagem. 


Your international travel day is Thursday, arriving in Brazil early morning on Friday.  Enjoy one of our amazing excursions on Friday and rest up at the hotel.  We will cover your hotel stay in Manaus as a part of your package. You will be in the interior from Saturday to Saturday. Guests depart on Sunday.

Rio Tatuagem Schedule

Thursday: International travel day
Friday: Arrive in MAO early morning, rest in Manaus, optional afternoon excursion
Saturday: Morning charter flight to the Tatuagem river system, potential afternoon fish
Sunday: Fish
Monday: Fish
Tuesday: Fish
Wednesday: Fish
Thursday: Fish
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Afternoon charter back to Manaus, rest, and have dinner in town
Sunday: Choose from one of our excursions in Manaus or rest at the hotel. Depart shortly after midnight.
Monday: International travel day home

For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to announce that we've been presented with TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award, placing Nomadic Waters in their top 10% highest-rated companies.  See what our Guests have to say about our experience.

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