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The dates listed below are your IN-COUNTRY DATES. 
You will be in the interior from Monday to Monday.

Your international travel day is Sunday, arriving in Brazil late Sunday night or early morning on Monday.  We highly recommend traveling a day early to take some stress off the trip.  We will cover your extra hotel night if you choose this option.  Your inbound travel day is Tuesday.


BEST SCHEDULE -  Arriving one-day early option

Saturday: International travel day
Sunday: Arrive in MAO early morning, rest in Manaus, optional afternoon excursion and dinner in town
Monday: Morning charter flight to the Matupiri
Tuesday: Fish
Wednesday: Fish
Thursday: Fish
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Fish
Sunday: Fish
Monday: Afternoon charter back to Manaus, rest, and have dinner in town
Tuesday: International travel day home

August 27 -  September 5, 2023 

September 3 - 12, 2023 

September 10 - 19, 2023 

September 17 - 26, 2023 

If you are looking for a jungle experience that offers luxurious lodging, fast fishing action fishing, in an extraordinary private fishery, then the Rio Matupiri could be the experience for you. This is a numbers fishery.  Most fish caught are in the 2-8 pound class, but there certainly are peacock bass up to 80 cm here. Each year we hook fish that we never see, as they immediately break off.  Perfect for families, father-son and/or mother-daughters, corporate groups, and fishing buddies that want to catch a lot of fish together.

What makes this location unique:

  • ​Private fishery.

  • Open fishing schedule. Since the mothership is always close by, Guests in the Rio Matupiri can choose how much or little they would like to spend fishing. Return the boat at any time!

  • Wildlife: Low human impact in this area means better opportunities to see the birds and mammals that live in these jungles.

  • Lunches aboard our mothership and afternoon siestas in your own air-conditioned cabins.

  • Expected catch rates: With 8 anglers, we aim for 1000 fish landed each week with 10% of those fish between 6-18 pounds.

  • Live aboard one of the Amazon's most beautiful and modern motherships.  The Amazon Legend is famous for its comfort, food, and hospitality. 4 roomy double occupancy staterooms with luxurious bunk beds (wow, did we really just say that?).  The lower bed is large enough for a couple.  Each cabin has its own private bathroom with a hot water shower. Electricity is provided by solar-powered batteries, offering quiet evenings!

For the fourth consecutive year, we are proud to announce that we've been presented with TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice Award, placing Nomadic Waters in their top 10% highest-rated companies.  See what our Guests have to say about our experience.

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