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Michael and Kristi are the owner/operators of Nomadic Waters. Michael has been in the fishing industry since 1994 and has hosted his guests all over the world. The Amazon is now his full focus. He loves this area so much that he personally hosts every week of the Season. Fishing with guests almost every day, Michael is committed to making sure we are doing everything we can for our guests. Kristi is president and treasurer for the 501 (c) (3) non-profit Parallel Resources, which provides medical, dental, and clean water solutions to the jungle communities connected to our fisheries. Their son Jackson has come to the Amazon every Season since he was 16 months old.


Campos and Adrianna have been with us since day 1. Campos is our operations manager and is a trusted colleague who has helped us tremendously over his years of service.  He is our best translator and has taught himself to speak 5 languages, including native tribal languages. During his off-season, Campos manages the Amazonas office for The Bucket Ministry. A non-profit organization that brings clean water solutions to communities all over the world. Adrianna is our ship's nurse during our Rio Negro trips and is always willing to help with anything else that needs to be handled. She manages the medical aspects of the jungle community work for our 501 (c) (3) non-profit Parallel Resources.


Anderson is one of the most capable people you have ever met and has been with us since day 1.  Recently graduated from dental school, he manages all of the dental work that our 501 (c) (3) non-profit (Parallel Resources) offers to the jungle communities.  When not pulling teeth, Anderson is one of our top requested guides in the Rio Negro. If you have Anderson as a guide, you are spending the day laughing. A certified Master Mariner with the title of Comandante. Anderson can captain almost any ship in the Amazon. He is an invaluable asset and a dear friend to Nomadic Waters.


Denilson and Tonya started with us in 2015. Denilson has earned great respect among our crew and is one of our Fishing Managers in the Rio Negro. With 17 years of experience on the Rio Negro, Denilson knows every secret lagoon in the area. A missionary at heart, Denilson spends his off-season managing jungle mission trips for AMOR.  He has been with them for over 25 years. Because of this experience, Denilson is a master at communicating with community leaders in the jungle. Tonya is part of the housekeeping crew on our Rio Negro trips, helping with laundry and cleaning guest cabins. 


Erivan is a critical member of our staff for many reasons, and has also been with us since day 1.  He is a master electrician and one of the best handymen you will ever know.  He is the keeper of our BassTrackers (they are literally chained to his floating home off-season), and is in charge of keeping them up and running year-round.  Look closely at our trackers, and you'll see some interesting additions. If he can't find a part in Manaus, he just fabricates them himself! He's one of those amazing employees who comes to us with problems and provides a list of potential solutions. During the Season, he works tirelessly on boat repairs in the evenings and guides during the day.

We often say that our guests come to the Amazon for fishing, but they come back because of our crew.

We do things differently when it comes to our crew.  All tips are combined at the end of the week and dispersed equally among our Crew by the trip Host. This creates a strong value of working together towards a common goal of providing exceptional service.  

Some Amazon operations will dock up in a local village and announce that they need guides for the next few weeks.  They take whoever jumps aboard the mother-ship first.  Due to the easy availability of a cheap workforce, the guides are often the lowest-paid and least respected employees in a Brazilian fishing operation.  There is zero training, little accountability, and no incentive to work together.  Guides are often assigned to 1 team of clients for the week.  Every operation has that "star" guide that everybody wants, but only one team of guests has access to him.    
Not so on a Nomadic Waters expedition.  Our most seasoned guides have over two decades of professional guiding experience.  Our "rookie" guides have a minimum of 6 years.  Michael Williams is our Fishing Manager, and is the liaison between our Guests and Guides.  "I run my operation as if our Guides are the fighter pilots aboard an aircraft carrier.  They are the elite of the elite, and everything our crew does is designed to support our Guests and Guides so that they can perform at their highest levels."  We run Guide/Guest strategy meetings twice a week that are designed to shorten the learning curve for everyone.  "We rotate guides and guests, allowing everyone to fish together.  Since each guide has his their own style and approach, consider your week as a Master Class on fishing the Amazon.  This way we can be strategic about pairing Guides and Guests each day, allowing us to maximize positive group dynamics."

Staff: From our Nurse, to our Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff, Mechanics, and boat Captains: all of our Crew are fully vetted and trustworthy.  They have worked together for years.  All are experts in their responsibilities and understand the rewards of hard, honest work.

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