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We often say that our guests come to the Amazon for the fishing, but they come back because of our crew.

We do things differently when it comes to our crew.  They are a part of our family.  Guides and Staff are invited to dine with our Guests, which is unheard-of in this Industry.  This builds even stronger relationships throughout the week, and allows both groups to share fun stories and experiences with each other.  All tips are combined at the end of the week and dispersed equally among our Crew by the trip Host (tip money is never touched by management).   This creates a strong value of working together towards a common goal of providing exceptional service.  

Guides: Some Amazon operations will dock up in a local village and announce that they need guides for the next few weeks.  They take whoever jumps aboard the mother-ship first.  Due to the easy availability of a cheap work-force, the guides are often the lowest paid and least respected employees in a Brazilian fishing operation.  There is zero training, little accountability, and no incentive to work together.  Guides are often assigned to 1 team of clients for the week.  Every operation has that "star" guide that everybody wants, but only one team of guests has access to him.    


Not so on a Nomadic Waters expedition.  Our guides are often community leaders in their local villages.  Our most seasoned guides have over two decades of professional guiding experience.  Our "rookie" guides have a minimum of 6 years.  Michael Williams is our Fishing Manager, and is the liaison between our Guests and Guides.  "I run my operation as if our Guides are the fighter pilots aboard an aircraft carrier.  They are the elite of the elite, and everything our crew does is designed to support our Guests and Guides so that they can perform at their highest levels."  We run Guide/Guest strategy meetings twice a week that are designed to shorten the learning curve for everyone.  "We rotate guides and guests every day, giving everyone an opportunity to fish together.  Since each guide has his their own style and approach, consider your week as a Master Class on fishing the Amazon.  This way we can be strategic about pairing Guides and Guests each day, allowing us to maximize positive group dynamics."

Staff: From our Nurse, to our Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff, Mechanics, and boat Captains: all of our Crew are fully vetted and trustworthy.  They have worked together for years.  All are experts in their responsibilities and understand the rewards of hard, honest work.

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