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Fly Casting Learning Center

As an operation that offers fishing expeditions in the Brazilian Amazon, we don't see many beginning anglers here.  We do have a few, and they are certainly most welcome, but most of our Guests have many years and many destinations under their belts.  That said, casting a large fly on a 9-weight line is often a unique experience for most of our Guests, and it can be very intimidating at first.  

Bad casting habits can take a toll on your jungle experience:

  • An inefficient cast causes fatigue fast, making the cast highly inaccurate and unsafe. This often means missed strikes and lost opportunities.

  • An inaccurate cast often fires the fly into a tree branch instead of the water, forcing the Guide to go in and retrieve it, spooking the water that we worked so hard to get you in.

  • Lastly, no one wants a fishing partner that has an unsafe cast.

"It comes down to the fundamentals," says Michael Williams, Nomadic Waters Fishing Manager and your instructor for this series. "We all have bad habits that have developed over the years.  We don't notice them because we've found a way to compensate somewhere in our cast, often without even realizing it." 


"Let me tell you this, if you cast a 9-weight sinking line with a 7" long fly at the end, you'll quickly see if there's a problem with your fundamentals!".

The GOOD NEWS is that you can get back to proper fly casting quickly and effectively.  With this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform an effortless, accurate, efficient, and safe cast...regardless of the size of the fly or weight of the fly rod you are using

  • Quickly recognize and isolate problem areas in your cast

  • Know exactly how to quickly "re-set" your fundamentals and fix bad habits once and for all, and SEE INSTANT RESULTS

  • Learn muscle-memory techniques to ensure your cast is effortlessly performed without thinking through the entire process (hint, you will be a SIGNIFICANTLY better angler once you achieve this level of skill!)

Watch these short videos below to see Michael's proven casting and fish-fighting techniques firsthand!


The perfectly balanced system


Proper grip and power application


Casting a tight loop


Proper retrieve and hook set

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