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Save time, weight, and money by purchasing our ALL-INCLUSIVE package. This package sets you up for success with all the fishing gear and terminal tackle that you need for your trip.  Forget the hassle of buying all new equipment for this one trip, and then lugging it all down to South America.  We've got you covered!  


Premium fly rod outfits (Winston and Orvis rods, Galvan and Orvis reels, Scientific Anglers Jungle fly lines). Quality spin and baitcasting outfits (St. Croix Mojo Bass rods). We'll include exactly the right flies and lures specific to your dates and location. Guests routinely spend hundreds of dollars on flies and lures and often are stuck with having the wrong patterns or not enough of the right ones for that week. Let us help!


This trip is important. Let us handle the gear, lures, and flies and you just focus on catching fish! 

All-Inclusive Gear Package

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