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Ready to step up your casting game? 

Just getting started in Fly Fishing?
Interested in bringing your current skills up a notch?
Want to focus on learning a specific casting technique?  

Michael can help!


Whether you are just starting your journey with fly fishing

or are an experienced angler preparing for your next destination trip, Michael can help. 


With almost 3 decades in the fly fishing industry, Michael's experience ranges from guiding customers worldwide to being the head instructor for Orvis' Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing School, to now being owner and Fishing Manager for his operations in Brazil.  Michael is always teaching.

Let Michael customize your training!

Beginning fly anglers will learn the proper building block fundamentals that will give them a head-start, quickly launching their skills to the next level. Fundamentals include proper casting stroke and casting arc, the path of the rod tip, power application, managing line length, and best techniques to ensure accuracy.

Bottom line: Use our equipment, with no upfront investment. Learn how to achieve the best presentations for a favorite fishery and finish with a practice drill custom-made just for you and your home waters.

Intermediate fly anglers will build on their current skill levels, cleaning up bad habits and casting mistakes that are causing their presentations to fail. Michael's goal is to make a "best cast' even better. Customized evaluation and fine-tuning will take an intermediate angler's casting to a new level.

Bottom line: Learn troubleshooting techniques that will quickly highlight and correct bad techniques, tremendously improving your best cast.  This allows for more efficient and effective time on the water, and less wasted time being frustrated.

Advanced fly anglers will enjoy Michael's ability to share and teach advanced techniques in a way that is clean and concise.  His personal, customized drills will reinforce the new techniques to a level that the caster won't even have to think through the process.  You will just look where the fly needs to land, and it will land there.

Bottom line: Preparing for a trip and need some help with your double haul, or need to make longer, more accurate casts?  Heading to a fishery that is known for windy conditions?  Need to throw larger flies than you are accustomed to? This is exactly in Michael's wheelhouse as he has taught these specific techniques and more to his customers and destination guests for decades.


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