Currently, there are NO mandatory vaccination requirements to gain entry into Brazil. 

That said, the CDC does have strong recommendations for visiting the State of Amazonas. 

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 Michael brings his wife and son to the jungle every Season, read how he prepares his family for this adventure. 


What you need to know:

  • We are NOT DOCTORS, we are fishing guides.  Always consult your doctor, the CDC, and your travel clinic for recommendations.

  • We won't tell you what vaccinations to take, but Michael can share what his wife and son take to prepare for their family week in the Amazon.

"For my family, I feel Hep A & B are important for anyone who is traveling internationally.  This helps to protect against food and water-born illnesses.​  Yellow Fever is becoming a bigger problem world-wide, and it certainly exists in Brazil.  They've recently changed this vaccination status from a "once every 10 year shot " to a "once-and-done".  If you've ever had the shot, then you no longer need to have it again.  In addition to keeping my routine vaccinations up to date, my doctor recommends I take daily probiotics."

  • Malaria - It's difficult to believe, but we simply don't have mosquitoes where we are fishing, but they certainly are alive and well in Manaus, Barcelos, and São Sebastião (our ports of entry)."  At the end of our Season, we always end up with a box full of bug spray bottles that our guests brought but never used.  We've never had a guest get hit with Malaria, but some of our staff has (due to their time off the rivers and deep in the interior jungles).  Therefore we DO recommend that you are properly protected by taking anti malarial prophylaxis during your stay.  There are different prophylaxis available, so consult your doctor to see which is the best for you.  If possible, test it out before your adventure with us to ensure you don't have any weird side-affects.  The best one that we know of can be found here: https://www.cdc.gov/malaria/travelers/drugs.html  Remember to take this medication on a full stomach


      Here's a great summary of protection against mosquitoes by the CDC.

  • Yellow Fever - This is becoming a larger problem world-wide, and it certainly is an issue in Brazil.  Although the risk is significantly higher in Southern Brazil (far from us) people still travel all over this country and the risk of contracting this is certainly possible.  Talk to your doctor about this one, as some medications and treatments can interfere with the yellow fever vaccination and can cause much bigger issues.  This vaccination can also be difficult to source, so start this process sooner than later.

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