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 A favorite view of Manaus, Amazonas, along the mighty Rio Negro 


We HIGHLY recommend having your flight reservations handled by our travel experts: Amanda Dawe and Alisa Glover.  They know exactly the right flights and schedules for your dates with us.  Not only will they help you with the best prices, but they are invaluable in case you experience a trip delay or flight cancellation.  They can also communicate with the airlines with significantly more authority if all of our guests are booked as a group.  We can give examples from every Season of Amanda and Alisa stepping in and saving the day for our Guests.  You can contact Amanda directly at and Alisa at


We still have not returned to the pre-pandemic schedules that offered daily direct flights from Miami to Manaus.  We are watching these itineraries closely, but as of today, here are your best options:


If you are fishing with us in Oct and Nov, then we feel that flying through Panama (PTY) is your best option. This United Airlines flight often originates in Houston (IAH), then goes to PTY, then on to MAO via Copa Airlines.  Since Copa is a United partner, luggage is checked all the way through to Manaus for one price. This is a great option and the connections are easy. 


Note: If you fly to Panama on another airline (Delta, AA, etc.), then you will need to leave security, pick up your bags, go through customs and security again, and re-check your bags. MAKE SURE THERE IS PLENTY OF TIME IN YOUR ITINERARY FOR THIS.

Fort Lauderdale

Direct FLL to MAO on Azul. We are big fans of this Brazilian airline.  They have an easy direct flight from FLL to MAO, the problem is that the return flight does not work with our schedule. Have Amanda check pricing, as sometimes a one-way from FLL to MAO on AZUL and a one-way from MAO to PTY on Copa can be an affordable option.


Direct from MIA to MAO on American Airlines. Good news: it is an easy 5-hour flight to Manaus. Bad news: no direct flight back to MIA.  You will have to fly far south to Sao Paulo (GRU), transfer your bags to the international terminal (very confusing for non-Portuguese speakers), and add about 14 hours to your flight schedule.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION.

LATAM Airlines

Generally speaking, we do not recommend LATAM as they have a reputation for extreme over-booking of their flights. In our experience, when Guests are kicked from one of their flights, their customer service offers very few options to make things right.  This one is risky and we feel there are better options. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS OPTION.

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