A favorite view of Manaus, Amazonas, along the mighty Rio Negro 


Our schedules are precise. Don't be on the wrong flight to Manaus or you may risk missing your charter into the jungle

  • Outbound: Guests depart Panama (PTY) on a Tuesday evening for a direct flight to Manaus (MAO) on Copa Airlines

  • Inbound: Guests depart Manaus the next Friday morning for a direct flight back to Panama.

Confirmed guests will receive complete flight itinerary suggestions for their specific dates. 

We HIGHLY recommend having your flight reservations handled by our travel experts: Amanda Dawe and Alisa Glover.  They know exactly the right flights and schedules for your dates with us.  Not only will they help you with the best prices, but they are invaluable in case you experience a trip delay or flight cancellation.  They are also able to communicate with the airlines with significantly more authority if all of our guests are booked as a group.  You can contact Amanda directly at and Alisa at