A favorite view of Manaus, Amazonas, along the mighty Rio Negro 

**NOTE As of 7/27/21 American Airlines has canceled their direct flights to Manaus temporarily.  We will stay on top of the travel situation and will update the alternatives on this page.  Thank you for your patience.


A direct flight from Miami to Manaus, Brazil is only 5 hours in the sky.  Since this flight is only available once a day, it is vital that you (and your gear) make this connection to Miami with plenty of time to spare.  Simply put; if you miss this flight from Miami to Manaus, then you miss this trip.  Some guests who travel longer distances to get to Miami, choose to arrive a day early and stay overnight.


  • Outbound: American Airlines flight #AA1265 from Miami (MIA) to Manaus (MAO)  departing on Friday around 6:00pm


  • Inbound: American Airlines flight #AA964 from Manaus (MAO) to Miami (MIA) on the following Saturday, departing around midnight

We HIGHLY recommend having your air reservations and travel insurance handled by our travel experts: Amanda Dawe and Alisa Glover.  Not only will they help you with the best prices, but they is invaluable in case you experience a trip delay or flight cancellation.  They are able to communicate with the airlines with significantly more authority if all of our guests are booked as a group.  You can contact Amanda directly at and Alisa at

If you choose to purchase your tickets on your own, remember to always view travel websites from an Incognite Browser.  American and Delta airlines are using new algorithms that will continue to raise your price each time you look it up.  Delta will also artificially show fewer and fewer seats available the more you look.  Last year a guest panicked because he only saw three seats available on Delta, so he purchased his tickets for almost $3k.  Alisa showed us that there were 55 seats available on that same flight for $1400.  Use our travel experts!  

Some IMPORTANT NOTES regarding flights to Brazil

There is only one American Airlines flight each day. There is no competition, so they can charge what they want. Of course, we can't do anything about the prices, but we CAN find ways to save some money.  Here's how:  Purchase your tickets separately.  It sounds crazy (because it is), but you will often find considerable savings by purchasing your tickets to MIA separately from your trip to MAO.  Here's an example from a recent search:  

  • One round trip ticket: ATL to MAO is $2349.  

  • Round trip: ATL to MIA is $139 + Round trip: MIA to MAO is $1148 = $1287  


Yes, we just saved you $1000.  You're welcome.  Now, the truth is that airlines do NOT want you to do this, so they will NOT go out of their way to help you with your baggage.  What does this mean?  You will have to pick up your bags in Miami and check them in again for the flight to Brazil.  Although you are getting hit with baggage fees twice, the benefits exceed the cost simply because you know your bags made it to Brazil...and you saved some cash.  



You are welcome to fly into Manaus using any airline, our only concern is your travel time and arrival/departure schedule.  Delta does fly to Manaus, but we generally do not recommend this itinerary.  Why? 

  • Travel time is 18 hours (instead of 5), and includes a plane change in Rio or Sao Paulo (those airports are VERY confusing to get around). 

  • Since you will be arriving 8 hours ahead of the rest of the group, we will need to provide separate staff, transportation, and translators to pick you up and host you in the city.  These services will cost an additional $75 per person (round-trip).

  • You will not return to Manaus on Saturday in time to catch the afternoon Delta departure, so you will need to stay an additional day in Manaus and leave on Sunday afternoon.  This will cost you an additional hotel day plus meals.  

About 5% of our guests fly Delta, so if this is your preference, no problem!  We can make it work.  Just be aware that if your flight times are dramatically different from the American Airlines flights, you will be invoiced to cover your extra hotel night plus the additional staff and transportation to host you during your time in Manaus.


Don't be tempted by the low price of LATAM, it will very likely cause you to miss your trip.  LATAM purchases seats on American Airline's flights and calls them their own.  American reserves the right to cancel these tickets if they can sell them for more, and they often do.  You will receive a full credit to fly on another day, but that won't help you get to Manaus on the right day.  Don't risk this one.